Media Reports

  • Internet cafes now come home to roost April 2, 2002 The Cyber Cafe Operators Association of Kenya last week came under regulatory scrutiny following its decision to fix minimum prices that its members could charge its customers for using the Internet.
  • Cyber cafes fight for survival March 26, 2002 Even with the formation of a lobby group to champion their interests, lack of a regulatory policy continue to bog down cyber cafe start-ups struggling to make a mark in the Kenyan market.
  • Uncertainty as cyber cafe charges go up March 25, 2002 Cyber cafe charges in Nairobi will go up from Sh 1 to Sh 3 per minute next week amid concern that some major players are hesitant to increase the prices.
  • Higher internet fee unwise March 20, 2002 When the first generation of internet service providers entered the Kenyan scene in the mid-1990s, their facilities were reserved fro a few members of an elite that could afford the exorbitant user fees and understand the technicalities involved.
  • Cybercafe owners on strategy March 20, 2002 Following mounting losses and heavy competition due to the high influx of cyber cafes in the country, cyber cafe owners have formulated a code of conduct to save the industry from its imminent collapse.